ATEAS VMS Integration


We are glad to announce a new integration partner of TraFFic CaMMRa – ATEAS VMS! It is the deepest integration we have so far, as there are not only all vehicle parameters (plate, make, model, colour, type, date, time, country, direction) available for the ATEAS search engine, but the events could be also used as triggers for another actions in the system. Vehicle data are also available for reporting and visualization engine in ATEAS, so you could filter the results and export it in many ways. The integration is available from ATEAS 5.1, released on 5th of October.

Moreover, FF Group have signed a contract with ATEAS distributor IP Security, so our partners could easily buy all package containing Axis camera + TraFFic CaMMRa and ATEAS VMS in one place and get also complex support from IP Security proffesionals.

TraFFic CaMMRa on Milestone Marketplace


FF Group is happy to announce TraFFic CaMMRa placing at the global powerful Milestone Marketplace (link на Каммру на маркетплэйсе от Яна). It is naturally that the unique traffic sensor as CaMMRa is integrated into worldwide leading VMS - Milestone XProtect via Axis Optimizer!
TraFFic CaMMRa is the only camera-based LPR/MMR (number plates, make, model, type and color) application sending all vehicle parameters as meta-data to XProtect with advanced search features. This feature makes finding a specific incident easier (filter, group, search by time, date and all vehicle parameters).
Till now the Milestone partners and customers can appreciate all CaMMRa benefits for city and traffic projects.

Milestone verified


TraFFic CaMMRa is now VERIFIED by Milestone XProtect.

After a several fine-tuning and improvements, TraFFic CaMMRa is now verified software by Milestone XProtect. What does it mean? Well, our team members showed TraFFic CaMMRa running with XProtect to Milestone Verification engineers and they have approved the functionality and stability of the software integration. You can now enjoy rich search possibilities in Milestone XProtect based on meta-data provided by TraFFic CaMMRa (not only license plate, country and direction, but also vehicle make, model, colour and type) with fully synchronized video.
22.07.2020 Digifort VMS Integration:

TraFFic CaMMRa expands its opportunities for analyzing the traffic market worldwide. Pleased to announce CaMMRa was successfully integrated with VMS Digifort. We start in Australia and New Zealand. The first successful integration tests with our New Zealand partner Focus Digital have passed.
All integration options of VMS Digifort with FF Group EDGE LPR are brightly described by our partner Digifort Global
If you are determined to develop Oceania's traffic management markets, then TraFFic CaMMRa and VMS Digifort will be the perfect solution.

NumberOK Meta integration


Perfect meta-data back-end software for systems containing from 1-64 cameras with TraFFic CaMMRa

You have couple of Axis cameras on city roads? You need to see all the counted traffic data in one central point? You would like to search quickly in all past traffic events in your city? You need an integration with governmental stolen cars database? Exactly for your tasks there is NumberOK Meta software. An accessible and easy-to-understand video guide on how FF Group's complex solution for traffic and parking projects works. You take TraFFic CaMMRa as a data sensor and NumberOk META as an analytical data backend and get a powerful tool to solve different ITS business tasks. But let’s not talk too much. Just see the video guide
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