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FF Group on Axis Connect


Axis Communications came this year with new format for regional partner events - Axis Connect. It is a mixture of product hands-on showcase on partner booths ("Transformation zone") and technology presentations done by main partners including FF Group. FF Group representatives were together with regional Axis, Milestone and our gold distributor Duxbury Networking showcasing the latest products including CAMMRA and FF Data Factory. Main topic was successful handling of immense amounts of data with use of data-driven platform like Data Factory.

FF Group on Axis partner finder


Axis Communications truly believes in the power of partnerships. With the new Technology Partner Finder its even easier for customers, integrators, and engineers to discover how Axis partner solutions can meet their jobs to be done. FF Group is one of the first ones to be presented there.

FF Data Factory on Smart City Expo


Big booth of our partners Milestone Systems hosted FF Group solutions on Smart City Expo in Barcelona. Our solutions have amazed partners and end-users from all around the world including Europe, Middle-East, Northern America and Africa. The cooperation and synergy with Milestone team was just incredible.

MIPS Americas with FF Group


Milestone organized their MIPS (Milestone Partner Summit) for Americas region this year in Minneapolis. FF Group were GOLD partner and Data Factory and CAMMRA were presented for the first time together to the American audience together with Milestone XProtect.

FF Group on SKYDD with Milestone Systems


Our solutions for traffic based on own LPR and MMR technology were successfully showcased on biggest nordics expo - SKYDD 2022 in Stockholm. Big thanks to our partners from Milestone Systems for having us there. Watch the interview of Anežka Hazlbauerová and Thom Vernersson.

IACP 2022 in Dallas


The biggest police expo in US this year - IACP 2022 - was with our participation. Three biggest topics were body-worn technology, public safety platforms and license plate recognition, so both CAMMRA and FF Data Factory were very well accepted, although it was first US presentation.

FF Group on Security Expo in Sydney


FF Group introduced our solutions toghether with Milestone Systems on ASIAL - Security Expo in Sydney. Crowded stand and very warm welcome made the event incredible for our team.

Data Factory launched


Together with our valuable partners Axis Communications, Milestone Systems and Sorama we have presented a Inteligent audio and video data platform for smart mobility on the international traffic exhibition Intertraffic in Amsterdam.

Data Factory on Intertraffic


FF Group presented new solution on an international traffic solutions fair Intertraffic 2022 in Amsterdam! Together with partners Milestone Systems, Axis Communications and Sorama joint solution - an intelligent audio & video big traffic data platform for smart mobility consisting from two solutions on the sensor side - CAMMRA app for LPR/MMR running on an Axis camera and so called "Noise camera" - device from Sorama for sound detection, measuring and localization and two solutions on the backend side - FF Data Factory for data processing and MIlestone XProtect for video management. Listen what our partners are saying:

Data Factory on Milestone Marketplace


Our new data processing backend FF Data Factory received Verified status from Milestone and is presented on Milestone Marketplace! Visit the site:

CAMMRA works now with FF Data Factory


Our first step with partners Axis Communications and Milestone Systems in the new year is a unique solution! CAMMRA and FF Data Factory create new opportunities in big cities and on small projects!

New FF Data Factory smart platform gives answers on all traffic questions quickly and transparently receiving meta-data from CAMMRA pre-installed on Axis cameras inside Milestone.

For example, FF Data Factory processes data from up to 100 Axis cameras with CAMMRA and in 1 second identifies suspicious vehicles from the heaviest traffic flow. Plus, Milestone provides video evidence.

Now you can get meta and video data inside Milestone simultaneously connecting the FF Data Factory and CAMMRA.

Major update


TraFFic CaMMRa has significantly improved its service functions such as country selector and service log. For example, country selector allows you to select in CaMMRa interface the country where the client is located, which significantly improves the country recognition quality.

As well known, many countries have similar number templates, which make the recognition algorithm spend a resource on the correct identification of the country, and the country selector makes this task easier.

The service log has also been added in the CaMMRa settings. Now, if an application malfunction occurs (for example, no events are sent), FF Group’s support manager can quickly fix or provide recommendations to the client based on the log.

But wait, there’s more. CaMMRa has improved its recognition accuracy for the Czech Republic, South Africa, Romania, Spain and Turkmenistan where new number templates, uncirculated numbers, and diplomatic number plates appear.

How can you test CaMMRa after this improvement? Just click the link

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